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Angry Vegetables


Gobbetti, Claudio

Edité par Sassi Junior. Rome - 2020

Harry hates vegetables. All of them. He also hates fruit. But you know what ? They hate him back !

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Merry Christmas Gus | Chatterton, Chris

Merry Christmas Gus

Livre | Chatterton, Chris | Pan Macmillan. London | 2020

Gus the dog doesn't like Christmas at all. He does'nt like Christmas decorations, or Christmas jumpers... but maybe he can make an effort for his puppy ?

The Wolf Who Wanted to Travel the World | Lallemand, Orianne (1972-....)

The Wolf Who Wanted to Travel the W...

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In the Faraway Forest, the Wolf is getting bored to tears when he is struck with an idea. What if he went travelling? He has always dreamed of seeing the world! Carrying only a backpack, our Wolf is on his way to Italy, Egypt, Afr...

Spot Can Count | Hill, Eric (1927-....)

Spot Can Count

Livre | Hill, Eric (1927-....) | Penguin Books Ltd. Londres | 2013

Aide Spot à compter les animaux de la ferme !

I am strong = Je suis fort.e | Proglio, Francesca. Auteur

I am strong = Je suis fort.e

Livre | Proglio, Francesca. Auteur | Uluru. Aix-en-Provence (Bouches-du-Rhône) | 2020

Un album inspirant pour insuffler confiance en soi, force, altruisme et courage au jeune lecteur qui est invité à s'inspirer des animaux et de la nature.

Sulwe | Nyong'o, Lupita. Auteur


Livre | Nyong'o, Lupita. Auteur | Puffin. London | 2019

Sulwe has a very dark skin and gets teased about it all the time. That hurts her every time. She dreams of having a pale complexion and making friends. But how ?

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