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How do you feel ?


Browne, Anthony (1946-....)

Edité par Walker Books. [S. l.] - 2012

Do you feel happy ? Do you feel confident ? Maybe a little sad ? Explore and understand feelings with rare simplicity in this perfect book for the very young.

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Ce que j'aime faire | Browne, Anthony (1946-....). Auteur

Ce que j'aime faire

Livre | Browne, Anthony (1946-....). Auteur | Kaléidoscope. Paris | 2018

Les activités préférées d'un petit chimpanzé : dessiner, jouer au ballon, grimper aux arbres, barboter dans la mer.

Ourson et la ville | Browne, Anthony (1946-....). Auteur

Ourson et la ville

Livre | Browne, Anthony (1946-....). Auteur | Ecole des loisirs. Paris | 2007

Ourson a toujours son crayon magique et son imagination pour lui permettre de libérer ses amis de la prison.

Into the forest | Browne, Anthony (1946-....). Auteur

Into the forest

Livre | Browne, Anthony (1946-....). Auteur | Walker Books. London | cop. 2004

Dad was gone and Mum didn't seem to know when he'd be back. Mum asked me to take a cake to Grandma, who was poorly. She told me to go the long way round, but I wanted to be home in case Dad came back. So, instead, I chose the forb...

Little Beauty | Browne, Anthony (1946-....)

Little Beauty

Livre | Browne, Anthony (1946-....) | Candlewick Press. Somerville | 2008

My Brother | Browne, Anthony (1946-....)

My Brother

Livre | Browne, Anthony (1946-....) | Picture Corgi Books. Londres | 2009

Marcel et le nuage | Browne, Anthony (1946-....). Auteur

Marcel et le nuage

Livre | Browne, Anthony (1946-....). Auteur | Kaléidoscope. Paris | DL 2016

Un nuage inquiétant suit Marcel partout où il va. Après quelques vaines tentatives pour y échapper, Marcel comprend qu'il doit affronter sa peur pour qu'elle disparaisse.

Ernest l'éléphant | Browne, Anthony (1946-....). Auteur

Ernest l'éléphant

Livre | Browne, Anthony (1946-....). Auteur | Kaléidoscope. Paris | 2021

Ernest l'éléphant s'ennuie et trouve que la vie au sein du troupeau est particulièrement ennuyeuse et monotone. Alors, il décide de partir à l'aventure tout seul.

Notre fille | Browne, Anthony (1946-....). Auteur

Notre fille

Livre | Browne, Anthony (1946-....). Auteur | Kaléidoscope. Paris | 2020

Papa et maman sont très fiers de leur fille qui sait grimper, sauter, dessiner et même nager.

Things I like | Browne, Anthony (1946-....)

Things I like

Livre | Browne, Anthony (1946-....) | Walker Books. London | 2009

Do you like painting and riding your bike ? Building sand-castles ? Playing with your friends ? Watching TV ? Whatever you like doing, there's something in this book for you !

Voices in the park | Browne, Anthony (1946-....)

Voices in the park

Livre | Browne, Anthony (1946-....) | Picture Corgi Books | 1999

Four different voices tell the story of a walk in a park.

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The Bunnies are Not in Their Beds | Russo, Marisabina. Auteur

The Bunnies are Not in Their Beds

Livre | Russo, Marisabina. Auteur | Random House Childrens Books US. [S.l.] | 2013

This bunny-rific bedtime read-aloud is perfect for young children during Easter! The text is filled with fun noises--click clack, click clack--and a repeating refrain--good night, good night, sleep tight--that's sure to have kids ...

The Cat and the Rat and the Hat | Lynas, Em. Auteur

The Cat and the Rat and the Hat

Livre | Lynas, Em. Auteur | Nosy Crow. [S.l.] | 2021

This is the cat that sat on the mat that saw the rat that had a big hat and said... "I want that had !".

The Comet | Todd-Stanton, Joe. Auteur

The Comet

Livre | Todd-Stanton, Joe. Auteur | Flying Eye Books. [S.l.] | 2022

Nyla has moved to the city, but all she can think about is everything she misses from her home before. When a comet comes soaring through the city streets and starts to glow and grow, Nyla Can't resist following it.

Frank and Bert | Naylor-Ballesteros, Chris. Auteur

Frank and Bert

Livre | Naylor-Ballesteros, Chris. Auteur | Nosy Crow. [S.l.] | 2022

Frank and Bert love to play hide-and-seek. But Bert isn't very good at hiding... even though he thinks he is.

Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes | Fox, Mem. Auteur

Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little T...

Livre | Fox, Mem. Auteur | Walker Books UK. [S.l.] | 2009

All over the world, babies are different. Yet in some ways they are very much the same: each one has ten little fingers and ten little toes - to play with, to tickle, to wave. And each child is very, very special to its parents.

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Russell the sheep | Scotton, Rob

Russell the sheep

Livre | Scotton, Rob | HarperCollins Children's Books | 2005

This is Russell the sheep. Sometimes Russell is just a little bit out of step with the rest of the flock. All the sheep are falling asleep - except Russell. He's tried everything...but he's still wide awake. What's a sheep to do ?...

The mouse that hunted for a husband | Vidal, Francine. Auteur

The mouse that hunted for a husband...

Livre | Vidal, Francine. Auteur | Didier jeunesse. Paris | impr. 2008

Les dialogues et petites scènes de ce conte peuvent être reproduits en classe dès le cycle 1.

The mitten | Desnouveaux, Florence. Auteur

The mitten

Livre | Desnouveaux, Florence. Auteur | Didier jeunesse. Paris | impr. 2014

Des animaux de plus en plus gros se pressent dans une moufle déposée par le vent sur la neige. Un conte d'accumulation d'origine russe sur la politesse et l'honnêteté.

How do you feel ? | Browne, Anthony (1946-....)

How do you feel ?

Livre | Browne, Anthony (1946-....) | Walker Books. [S. l.] | 2012

Do you feel happy ? Do you feel confident ? Maybe a little sad ? Explore and understand feelings with rare simplicity in this perfect book for the very young.

Growing Story (The) | Krauss, Ruth

Growing Story (The)

Livre | Krauss, Ruth | HarperCollins Children's Books | 2008

A boy and a puppy and some chicks were all very little. From this simple beginning grows a story that celebrates those little changes that tell us we're growing up !

Life on Mars | Agee, Jon (1959-....)

Life on Mars

Livre | Agee, Jon (1959-....) | Dial Books for Young Readers. New-York | 2017

A daring young astronaut arrives on Mars, certain he will find life there. He has even brought a gift of chocolate cupcakes. But soon, he realizes he's made a mistake. He won't find life on Mars - and what's worse, now he can't fi...

Noisy night | Barnett, Mac. Auteur

Noisy night

Livre | Barnett, Mac. Auteur | Roaring book press. New-York | 2017

What is going on above our heads ? The people in this apartment building are much too busy to sleep.

thing (The) | Servant, Stéphane (1975-....). Auteur

thing (The)

Livre | Servant, Stéphane (1975-....). Auteur | Didier Jeunesse. Paris | 2008

Des animaux trouvent un vêtement près d'un lac et se demandent ce que cela peut bien être : l'éléphant pense à un bonnet, l'alligator à une cape, le caneton à une écharpe, la foumi à une couverture, la brebis à une jupe. Mais au m...

Lola Dutch is a Little Bit Much | Wright, Kenneth

Lola Dutch is a Little Bit Much

Livre | Wright, Kenneth | Bloomsbury Publishing. London | 2018

Meet the unstoppable Lola Dutch. She's always bursting with great ideas to make every day the best ever ! Bear sometimes thinks she's too much but he always has time for a big hug before bedtime. Join Lola in this charming story a...

Grandma Bird | Davies, Benji

Grandma Bird

Livre | Davies, Benji | Simon & Schuster Ltd. London | 2018

Noi isn't at all sure about spending the summer at Grandma's. But that's before he gets swept up in a dramatic rescue that will mark the beginning of a touching new friendship.

The Wolf Who Wanted to Travel the World | Lallemand, Orianne (1972-....)

The Wolf Who Wanted to Travel the W...

Livre | Lallemand, Orianne (1972-....) | Editions Auzou. Paris | 2016

In the Faraway Forest, the Wolf is getting bored to tears when he is struck with an idea. What if he went travelling? He has always dreamed of seeing the world! Carrying only a backpack, our Wolf is on his way to Italy, Egypt, Afr...

Fox and the deep sea quest | Flouw, Benjamin (1986-....). Auteur

Fox and the deep sea quest

Livre | Flouw, Benjamin (1986-....). Auteur | Gestalten. Berlin | 2020

Renard rend visite à son cousin Loup qui passe ses vacances d'été à la mer. Il décide d'explorer les fonds marins à la recherche de la constellis, une algue qui brille dans l'obscurité.

I'm sticking with you | Halls, Smriti

I'm sticking with you

Livre | Halls, Smriti | Simon & Schuster. London | 2020

It's wonderful to have good friends to see you through the good times and the bad. But sometimes friends can also be a bit... well... overbearing.

Sulwe | Nyong'o, Lupita. Auteur


Livre | Nyong'o, Lupita. Auteur | Puffin. London | 2019

Sulwe has a very dark skin and gets teased about it all the time. That hurts her every time. She dreams of having a pale complexion and making friends. But how ?

How to make an apple pie and see the world | Priceman, Marjorie. Auteur

How to make an apple pie and see th...

Livre | Priceman, Marjorie. Auteur | Dragonfly Books. New-York | cop. 1994

Since the market is closed, the reader is led around the world to gather the ingredients for making an apple pie.

A bit lost | Haughton, Chris. Auteur

A bit lost

Livre | Haughton, Chris. Auteur | Walker Books. London | 2013

Uh-oh ! Little Owl has fallen out of the nest. Where is his mummy ?

Ten timid ghosts | O'Connell, Jennifer. Auteur

Ten timid ghosts

Livre | O'Connell, Jennifer. Auteur | Scholastic. New-York | 2000

Ten timid ghosts in a haunted house. A witch moved in and wanted them out.

Julian at the Wedding | Love, Jessica. Auteur

Julian at the Wedding

Livre | Love, Jessica. Auteur | Walker Books UK. London | 2021

Today Julian and his grandma are going to a wedding. There they meed with Marisol and her grandma. What a great occasion to have fun !

There's a Mouse in My House | Collins, Ross. Auteur

There's a Mouse in My House

Livre | Collins, Ross. Auteur | Nosy Crow. [S.l.] | 2021

"There's a mouse in my house", says Bear. "I'll tell him that has to go. But... he said no !"

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